What Fluentize is all about.

Fluentize is an online resource and methodology dedicated to ESL teachers and professionals with teenage or adult students. Our goal is to provide engaging content to make life easier in the challenging role as an ESL teacher, by creating high quality English lesson plans that can be downloaded and used instantly. But more importantly, the lessons are intended to give students a chance to develop their English language skills using real-world, authentic video material. We’re confident that the lesson plans and video topics found on Fluentize will be useful for teachers as well as engaging and educational for students.

The Fluentize Team

Jake Young


Jake is from the USA but lived in Prague for 9 years, where he got TEFL certified by The Language House. He’s a passionate ESL teacher who developed his own private teaching practice, working mostly with corporate students at small and big companies around Prague. Fluentize was born out of Jake’s frequent use of video with his own private student clientele in Prague. You can find out more about Jake and the story of Fluentize at his teacherpreneur biography page.

Martin Meliendrez


Martin is from Tandil, in the southeast of Argentina; he has been involved in the architecture and development of large-scale web applications for nearly 11 years and leads up to the Fluentize platform development team. As a native Spanish speaker, he’s all too familiar with the struggle of learning a new language and is excited to be involved in a service designed to lower the barrier for people interested in learning and teaching a new language.

Maria James


Maria was born and raised in New York where she studied biology at university. She lived in the UK for 33 years where she qualified in TEFL in 1990 and taught English in language schools and privately. She homeschooled her 2 daughters for 13 years and has also lived in Ireland and Australia. She moved back to the US in 2018 where she lived in Las Vegas for 2 years and now lives in Sacramento. She teaches ESL privately and for language schools, and has been editing the content of Fluentize lessons since she started using them with her students.