Fluentize is an online resource dedicated to ESL teachers with teenage or adult students. The goal of our platform is to provide high quality English lesson content that will deliver you special experiences teaching English. But more importantly, the lessons are intended to give your students a chance to develop their English skills using real-world, authentic video material. We’re confident that the lesson plans and video topics you find on this website will be engaging and educational for your students.

All of the lesson plans are printable, making Fluentize a healthy balance of tangibility paired with digital technology. The lesson plans are also adapted to student level (Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate / Upper Intermediate) and each lesson includes sections designed to help your students improve their speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and more. Get started by registering and trying out some of our free lessons with your students!


Jake Young


Jake is from the USA but has been living in Prague since 2010, where he got TEFL certified by The Language House. He’s a passionate ESL teacher who has developed his own private teaching practice, working mostly with corporate students at small and big companies around Prague. Fluentize started when Jake found a video topic that one of his students was interested in, and created a custom lesson plan just on the video. It was so effective that he began doing this with all of his students, and soon Fluentize was in the making. You can find out more about Jake and the story of Fluentize at his teacherpreneur biography page.

Andy Soell


Andy has been involved in the architecture and development of large-scale web applications for nearly 20 years and leads up to the Fluentize platform development team. As an American transplant living in Prague, he’s all too familiar with the struggle of learning a new language and is excited to be involved in a service designed to lower the barrier for people interested in learning and teaching a new language. Andy speaks English, a little Czech, a little more Spanish, and is fluent in Pig Latin.

Juliann Beals


Juliann is a graphic designer and TEFL certified ESL teacher from the USA but also living and working in Prague like Jake and Andy. With an extensive background and experience working with Adobe software, as well as teaching English language lessons both online and in-person, Juliann fits the Fluentize team like a glove. She is the brain behind a lot of the creativity you’ll find in the Fluentize lesson plans. In addition to her background in graphic design and teaching, she is also an aspiring web developer with skills in CSS, HTML, Javascript, and typography.