How To Teach Vocabulary in ESL Lessons Using Video

You’ve decided to do an English lesson using a video topic. It’s a great idea, especially because a well-selected and well-integrated video can be packed with useful new vocabulary for your students to learn.  No matter how advanced the student or class you have, most...

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How Technology Helps English Tutors

It is undeniable that technology is evolving at a fast pace and affects our lives in many ways. With the introduction of Education technology ,or in other words, EdTech, the facts have presented that this technology can increase the effectiveness of teaching. However...

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How Learning A Second Language Can Help You Teach EFL

One valuable life experience which has helped me so much throughout my professional development as an ESL teacher is learning a second language, which in my case was Czech language (ouch, it’s a painful one). I’ve thought about this a lot and I really feel that...

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