It is undeniable that technology is evolving at a fast pace and affects our lives in many ways. With the introduction of Education technology ,or in other words, EdTech, the facts have presented that this technology can increase the effectiveness of teaching. However there is an ongoing debate about the true value of technology applied in education. Instead of fearing education technology,  I’ll focus on the how technology will help English tutors teach.

(1) Personalized Learning:

The benefits of technology is that it will reduce the teachers’ workload, eliminating manual grading and administrative tasks. This will eventually lead to a better structure of education and a system that will be more efficient. In other words, technology leads to “personalised learning”, which means that students can learn English on their own pace according to their capabilities and free time. Students have the option of choosing where, how and when they learn, and therefore, boost their willingness to learn English.

(2) Gamification Through Language Apps

Learning English can take years, and teachers have to keep students interested. That’s why the concept of the gamification of education was introduced, and which brought about the rise in online learning apps. Tools for learning English like Duolingo, KnowbleReader, FluentU and many more aim to provide students with additional learning material and promoting an interactive way of learning English. Many students have the impression that learning English is boring and time consuming, and they think of it as something mandatory. But online applications can be fun and interesting. Using these tools can transform education into a more appealing process from the students’ perspective and therefore, teaching will be more efficient. Students will improve more rapidly and learning English will never be the same. In addition to that, we should not forget that not all people have the financial resources to learn English. Through those tools, learning English becomes accessible to everyone, considering that they are free or require minimal cost.

(3) Eliminates Restrictions

Are you in China, trying to learn English, and contact your tutor that may be based in U.K. or even further away, say the U.S.? This is where technology comes in, eliminating borders and making “far”, “closer”. Tutors have direct contact with their students and exchange material instantly. Communication, becomes more affordable, simpler and its quality increases. Technology can help tutors build more intimate relationship with their students, in the sense that it increases availability, but also allows the creation of groups and forums, connecting students from all over the world and therefore creating multi-language discussions. 

Why Technology Will Not Replace English Tutors

However, technology of course, can’t replace human interaction. For example, technology can’t fully replace the empathy, the warmth and the nuances that an English tutor provides his/her students. We should not confuse ourselves, thinking that tutors should or would be substituted. We have to keep in mind that there are many things that technology isn’t able to provide. Demonstrating critical thinking is another example of what technology can’t fully replace. Still, technology is evolving in so many ways, and with such a pace that is hard to keep track of all the development. This is integrated into our lives, without us having time to “digest.” It is important for tutors to use technology in their favor and just as an addition to their work, in order to improve the learning process and deliver better results.

In the end, the process of learning English can be difficult and complicated. It’ll probably take years to perfect it, but small actions have a dramatic impact, and a little practice every day goes far. By using tools like apps like Duolingo or KnowbleReader, learning English becomes second-nature. Learning becomes easily integrated into your daily life and will become an adventurous and enjoyable process. You’ll start to pick up all sorts of English words just from reading online news. Good luck in your English learning journey!